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Concussion Recovery Therapy provides treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries, Concussions and Post Concussion Syndrome based on evidence based science. 

Concussion Recovery Therapy (CRT) recognizes that STRESS (sympathetic UP-regulation) is at the root cause of all brain-based injuries, and many of today’s commonly applied modalities (dry needling, TENS, ultrasound, even massage) INCREASE sympathetic stress, inhibiting concussion recovery.

CRT  is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the physical causes of STRESS controlling TBI and PCS symptomatology. CRT has been scientifically proven to reduce CORTISOL (stress hormone) and improve cognitive functioning. 

The secret to CRT is the unique stimulation applied during treatment. CRT applies cellular changing concentrated DC microcurrent stimulation (called microcurrent point stimulation or MPS) for stress reduction and brain healing.  MPS therapy applies weak direct currents (80 µA – <1 mA), which mimics human bio-cellular communications and can regulate the autonomic nervous system, resulting in body wide therapeutic benefits. MPS has been reported in literature (Medical Acupuncture: Chevalier-2016, Armstrong-2017 ) to reduce stress, regulate the autonomic nervous system and improve PCS symptomatology. MPS clearly yields superior therapeutic outcomes than many of today’s current concussion treatment options.