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Although Ancient Chinese Medicine has in roots in over 5000 years of clinical practice experience, modern science has discovered that Qi is actually bioelectricity. You can actually measure it through the skin at acupuncture points that then give you an accurate assessment of the flow of energy in the associated meridians. 

The AcuGraph diagnostic tool measures bioelectricity in your body. We can show you on a computer screen where there is too much or too little energy or where there are imbalances between one part of your body and another. When energy becomes stuck it causes symptoms such as pain and/or weakness.

Following assessment through the use of the AcuGraph Imaging, a treatment protocol unique to the specific patient using Acupuncture, Micro Point Stimulation Therapy (non-needle acupuncture) or Laser Acupuncture can restore energetic balance and proper energy flow to the meridians. This process allows your body to function optimally and return to health naturally.